Star Trek TNG Actionfigur Laforge. 20 cm´ Mego

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Offiziell lizenzierte 20 cm Actionfigur mit echter Stoffkleidung. Wird inklusive Zubehör in einer bedruckten Fensterbox geliefert.

“There's no way the computer can compensate for the human factor, the intuition, the experience.” Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge is joining the ranks of the Megoverse!  Mego is beyond excited to bring this fan favorite to action figure collectors and Trek fans alike! 

Lt. Geordi La Forge’s technical abilities and knowledge of the Enterprise’s ship wide systems have made him an integral part of Capt. Picard’s crew. Geordi’s “VISOR”, allowing him to see in the infrared, ultraviolet ranges, and beyond, has helped advert potential disaster on numerous Starfleet missions. “Well, maybe necessity really is the mother of invention.”

Mego is taking the Enterprise’s Warp Core to an all-new level with the Geordi La Forge 8’ classically styled action figure!  Geordi La Forge is outfitted in his screen accurate Starfleet Command uniform and accessories. “Magnetic plasma transfer to warp field generators per program specs. Commander, we should be going like a bat out of hell!”