The Walking Dead Color Tops Ezekiel Actionfigur 18 cm

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A wise and theatrical personality, Ezekiel, often referred to as 'King Ezekiel," is the leader of the peaceful community known as The Kingdom. Flanked by his pet tiger Shiva at his side, Ezekiel has a reluctant truce with The Saviors, but makes sure to keep the security of his kingdom intact. • Spectacular likeness of Ezekiel taken from 3D scans of actor Khary Payton • Figure includes Ezekiel's Shikomizue (cane staff with sword) • Cane staff features removable sword • Designed with 15 points of articulation for dynamic posing • Figure features a stylized The Walking Dead® branded display base and showcased in window box packaging .

* Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet. Erstickungsgefahr aufgrund verschluckbarer Kleinteile.