Jungle Predator (version 2) 1/18-Scale Figure ( 10 cm)

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A Hiya Toys PREVIEWS Exclusive! Here, there is
only one Predator; they are the Prey! One of Stan
Winston's most iconic designs gets a refreshed look, just in
time for Predator's 35th anniversary in 2022. Originally
released to great acclaim in 2019, Hiya Toys has gone
back to its original Jungle Predator design and recreated a
new standard in its Exquisite Mini line. Featuring a new,
screen-accurate paint deco, as well as appropriate
accessories and an updated articulation system, you'll be
hunting this fresh look at the classic Yautja to go alongside
your original! This new Version 2.0 stands about 4" tall in
1/18 scale, and features a stand for ease in posing, as well
as a spine & skull trophies!

* A PREVIEWS Exclusive
* Version 2.0 celebrating Predator's 35th anniversary in
* New, screen-accurate paint deco
* Appropriate accessories, including spine & skull trophies
* Updated articulation system
* Stands about 4" tal