DC Joker, 20 cm Mego

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Offiziell lizenzierte 20 cm Actionfigur mit echter Stoffkleidung. Wird inklusive Zubehör in einer bedruckten Fensterbox geliefert.


The Clown Prince of Crime has escaped Arkham Asylum and is once again terrorizing the Megoverse! Mego proudly
presents The World’s Greatest Mego Villains The Joker 8” action figure in all of his diabolical classically styled glory!

The Ace of Knaves is once again calling the shots - can Batman stop him?? Now you can decide the fate of Gotham City! “I’m not mad at all! I’m just differently sane!”

Mego, securing the secret formula from Ace Chemicals, has brought the Joker to an even higher level of insanity with the all new 8” classically styled action figure! “The Joker” comes with comic book accurate clothing and sculpting! "If I Weren't Crazy, I'd Be Insane!” “HA! HA! HA! HA!”